Live Your Fear

Fear, the word which kills millions and billions of talent, skill, and art every day. Most people are not able to understand what fear actually is. They let their fear became their reality and settle for less in their life. Fear has been created in this world so that we can distinguish between legal and illegal things and do things as per their legality, but most people fear to grow, most people fear to learn, most people fear to share, fear to express. They have been influenced so deeply by their fear that coming back from that fear oriented zone is became very tough for them.

Fear is an imagination of our mind which we believe to be true and let it affects us mentally and physically. Your fear will be your soul reason for not being successful in the field of your work or interest, your fear hold you to expand, your fear let you down. Fear is just like a tree the more you nourishes it the more it will grow. Your fear is nothing but a lie, a simple lie whatever it tells you is also a lie, it will tell you that you can’t do anything, you are not good for that job, you are not good at public speaking. It’s our call to listen it or not, we need to be very careful and alert about that. So we need to ask ourselves now that what does we want in our life, do we want to be successful, do we want to be rich, do we want to be fearless, if yes then  prepare yourself and live with your fear. Yes living with your fear is the only thing you can overcome it. Living your fear will let you understand what your fear is, what it is all about, then you will be able to work on your fear and start to convert your weakness into your strengths. So live your fear and make them your strengths and grow in your life.

“Live your fear, don’t let your fear live in you”

#Go Ahead- Believe in Yourself 


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