20 Days Plan for the Beginners

For being successful and active in this extremely challenging and dynamic world we need to control our thoughts and action in such a way that it can only be used when needed the most.

Your thoughts and action effects your day and your life. One positive thought can lift your entire day, encourage you so hard that you feel ready and alert for any work or project and on the contrary one negative thought can ruin your entire day, can take your all energy and your passion towards life. So we need to be very careful about our thoughts.


“Design your Day by Designing your Thoughts”


Here is a helping tool and tested formulas to let you control your thoughts and let you live your day with peace and happiness.

  1. Yoga: Morning plays an important role in our life, it set the day for us and for and for a great day we need a great morning. 

How to make our morning great?

By doing Yoga, Yoga is the answer of most of our problems. Every morning after waking up take some time to do a simple Breathing Yoga to control your thoughts and to improve your presence of mind. Sit erected on a Yoga mat, close your eyes and do breathing, just breathing. Breathe in slowly and breath out slowly. While breathing try to focus only on your breathe. It will help you to focus on a particular thing and not let your mind roam any other place and as days progresses you will start to feel the magic of this art. In the span of 2-3 days you can feel that you are concentrating much better than earlier.

yoga image


  1. Be Grateful: In the world of challenges and competition, success and failure we forgot to compliment things, we forgot to be Grateful for those things that makes our daily life happy. Complaining is all we do now a days, doesn’t matter what’s the topic is, what the reason is we find a way to complain about something.

So make a commitment to yourself that we will not complain any more about  the situation we have in our life, the failures we have in our life and instead of complaining we will try to appreciate things, compliment things, we will be grateful for things that are in our life.

Every morning take your pen and notepad and try to write down at least 20 points or things that you are grateful for, whether small or big, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you write.

Do this trick for the next 20 days and see a different side of yours. You will realize that complaining will not let you anywhere but a compliment does.


  1. Spend time with yourself: Spending time with ourselves is one of the most important inner healing exercise and a process to monitor your life, but somehow human beings are getting professionally trained to avoid this art. Just spend 20 minutes in a day alone in a room with no cell phone, no social media and no office work and think about the memories of your childhood, think about those things you would love to do when you were a child, think about your favorite cartoon, favorite color, movies, place, food, things you like to do.. etc. anything that you like to do, anything that makes you feel happy. Live those happy moments again, do this for 20 days and see the difference in your life.


  1. Do the things you like: We all love our childhood because in our childhood we used to do those things which pleases us, which makes us happy, things we like to do, then what’s wrong today?, why are we not doing those things today?, aren’t we want happiness or there is any other thing that stop us to doing that, we need to ask ourselves this.

 List out at least 5 things in a month you want to do to be happy, things that will make you feel like boss of your life, things that pleases your soul. Just do it for your sake, don’t worry about the people, just do it.

After doing this for the next 20 days, you will see a difference in you mentality, you will feel much more lively, you will start to enjoy your life.


“It’s your life, live it happily”


#Go Ahead- Believe in Yourself




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