Some Keys to Self-motivation

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I have defined motivation as the desire to achieve that which you believe to be worthwhile.  Everybody needed motivation of some kind to achieve the things they need in their life, to make their life better, to make their life worthy.

“Because life without motivation is like garden without flowers”

Keys to self motivation

  • You need to ask yourself what do you want out of your life, what do you want out of your career, what do you want out of your job. Are you happy with what you are doing right now. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 where did you rate yourself, your mental attitude, your job, your career???

Does it worthy of your time???

          Ask yourself, and don’t just ask write it down because writing is a subjective process             that triggers your subconscious mind and let you act toward that thing.

  • Try to achieve self-mastery. Self -mastery is a process of working on yourself continuously. Never satisfied with yourself. Always put efforts on yourself and by putting continuous efforts on you, you can achieve a sense of self-mastery. You need to read books that inspires you, watch videos, listen to tapes, go to seminars and learn ways to improve yourself and to achieve self mastery.

“Self Investment will never results in a Loss”

  • You want to live life passionately and with energy. There are people with dull face and low energy which drains others energy too, just avoid them, just stay away from those persons. Try to be with those people who are passionate about their life, and the things they do.passion image


  • As you start doing the things you feel passion about, you start to feel more confident and motivated, you start to feel happy in your life. As you feel more confident and motivated you try to explore new heights in your life, you try to do new things, you want to work more, perform more and for that you need a good health. Develop a health plan, you see because without a proper health you cannot perform well and long. So be careful about the food you take, take deliberate efforts to exercise and stay healthy.


  • While performing or trying to achieve the life of your dream, always believe that this could happen to me. You need to put believe in your believe. For some it might take a little time but for others it may take long but don’t stop, keep trying, keep working hard, stick to it, keep stick to your believe that this could happen to you and miracle will happen for you.

    power of believe
    Believe in your Believe.
  • Try to achieve inner happiness and peace in your life. In order to achieve inner happiness you need to be Grateful for the things you have in your life. Every morning after wake-up, write at least 10-15 things that you are grateful for and write it with true believe that you are actually grateful for those things in your life, keep doing this for 20 days and see the difference in your mood and attitude throughout the day, you will start appreciating things in your life and stop complaining.


  • You need to monitor your inner conversation in order to keep yourself motivated. You can do inner conversation with yourself at any topic and that conversation (whether positive or negative) effects you deeply. Try to talk positive, avoid negative thoughts, always motivate yourself to do anything. 85% of that inner conversation is negative, it always highlights your negative points to you, it always fear you with failure, it will always stop you to do anything. you need to take charge of that conversation and tell yourself that “I am going to do that anyhow”.


  • Spending time with ourselves is one of the most important inner healing exercise and a process to monitor your life, but somehow human beings are getting professionally trained to avoid this art. Just spend 20 minutes in a day alone in a room with no cell phone, no social media and no office work and think about the memories of your childhood, think about those things you would love to do when you were a child, think about your favorite cartoon, favorite color, movies, place, food, things you like to do.. etc. anything that you like to do, anything that makes you feel happy. Live those happy moments again, do this for 20 days and see the difference in your life.


  • If you want to do anything in your life, do it now, right now

Why not doing it now????

What’s holding you back????

Why not doing it????

Don’t let the thought of other people stop you living your life. Just do things for your            own sake with no care what others will think about that? Do it for you, it will make                you happy.

“Never allow other person opinion to become your reality”

  • Fear is the disease which kills billions of desires, dreams and goal every moment. Fear has been created in the world so that people can distinguished between legal and illegal things, otherwise a fearless person would harm others.

Existence of fear is important in your life but up to the mark it is essential. Excess of               everything is not good. Fear let your positivity down, it de-motivates you, sucks your             confidence.

You need to learn to live with your fear and work on them to make them your strength.

“ Bruce Wayne  selected the name ‘Batman’ because Bats haunts him, he decided to live with his fear and make them his strength”.


“Live your fear, don’t let  your fear live in you”

#Go Ahead Believe in Your Self


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